Porcupine News – Lidl offering to sell site

The Porcupine is being offered for sale.

The vendor is not identified.

See Estate Agent’s details here This is what is behind the hoardings.


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  1. Athina Kyriakidou February 4, 2019 @ 11:16 am

    That seems to be smoke to our eyes as we all just received a form to support or not the development. A monstrosity with views on expanding to neighbouring land. The amount of traffic, fumes and noise customers and deliveries will be unbearable. The “High” Street is suffering already though some have braved the climate and rented or refurbished a new shop. If they were happy to keep it as is, just like the Co-op did at Chislehurst, I might consider a more positive view but, not ever to demolish it and build a generic building thus destroying the little character left on the High Street. I wish the council would get its priorities together and purchase the building from that elusive agent. Then, the library ( which could see so much improvement ) and other services could run there along with a nice family centre, a restaurant which would generate income and halls to rent, even to the College, for functions, etc.

    • Good morning Athina
      Much of the content of your comment was represented at the original battle over the site, and the destruction of the site was deferred by the ACV declaration. Interim discussions have fallen on totally deaf ears at Lidl, including offers to purchase. We are about to create a dedicated page on the website for new discussion, and would welcome your input. You are also encouraged to contribute your time and ideas to the process and also to the MRA Committee which is always welcoming to people prepared to contribute ideas, time and effort to maintaining our community.


      • Athina Kyriakidou June 20, 2019 @ 11:28 am

        Please update The Porcupine issue as there has been a new application for its demolition!
        Maybe an extra meeting is needed, I am not available most evenings but, would make an extra effort to attend.

        • The MRA is continuing to oppose the development on traffic and pedestrian safety and security grounds, as well as unnecessary and inappropriate development.
          Please contact the MRA secretary to join those receiving regular updates and invitations to participate.


  2. I have just received a letter from planning this week, informing me of Lidls intentions on The Porcupine site again – So here comes Round 2. I am deeply dismayed the Councils Planning department have reconsidered. No matter how much Lidl reshape their plans, it will not alter the major challenge of increased traffic in an already over-saturated bottle neck.

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