New YouTube Documentary film by Dewyne Lindsay – London Districts series.

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  1. Brilliant – wish progs were longer – very interesting and refreshing – great soundtrack – thank you!

    • Just watched London Live districts.
      Absolutely brilliant, really enjoyed it!
      Was wanting to contact Dewayne to tell him but cannot see a way to do this .. shame

      • Hi Sara
        Suggest you Google DEWYNE Lindsay (original website spelling wrong – sorry.
        You might be able to contact via twitter

      • Hi,
        Only just saw your reply sorry.
        Nope cannot seem to contact him.. also I don’t do Twitter

        • Google DEWYNE Lindsay shows instagram and twitter accounts where messages could be sent.

    • Thank you for your honest wonderful, culturally informing visuals

  2. Excellent programs but what about Ealing

    • A bit outwith our boundaries !!
      Suggest you check with Dewayne.
      I just found it on YouTube


  3. I love your programmes. You have a lovely soothing voice.
    Only wish you could remember that there is a T in the English Language

  4. Peter Couillault December 7, 2020 @ 8:05 pm

    Absolutely fantastic programme and so interesting to learn all about the districts of south London. Dewayne Lindsay is a genius and will go far in life because of his entertaining presentation of the programmes he narrates. I was born in North London so I look forward to his mini documentaries about my area Hampstead in North West London. Keep up the good work Dewayne you’re unique!!

  5. I came upon these programmes completely by accident. I am from south London originally and love finding out all the stuff I didn’t know. So many congratulations on such excellent tours of London. New areas would be equally welcome

  6. Great education for social history
    Thank you

  7. I love the whole series!!! But, as a North London resident I particularly appreciate the new Crouch End film. Any chance of you covering my area of Alexandra Park (that nestles between Alexandra Palace and the railway line) and was developed following the Cheap Fares Act to house workers and artisans away from the inner London slums? Or together with Wood Green, Bounds Green (with Bows Park) and Tottenham?

  8. Watched on London live really interesting

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