Dorset Road Infant School Closure – Private Eye Magazine

The above has appeared in Private Eye this week.

The issue was discussed openly at the recent (Dec 5th) MRA Executive Committee meeting with invited guests to represent the parents.

It is clear that the TSPT trust have been less than open with information regarding the long-standing issues around the hall construction and refurbishment needs.  Requests for independent assessment and remedial opinions have, so far, been refused by the Trust.  We will keep you informed.



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  1. Clearly, this proposal has nothing to do with the welfare or benefit of local children’s education and parents, but everything to do with money and Jo Brinkley increasing her salary and reputation. What will happen to the school site? I bet it will be knocked down and sold to a building company in order to make someone else filthy rich. Bromley council are disgusting! They need to step in and stop this from happening but of course they won’t, as no doubt someone in the council are probably also benefiting! Absolutely scandalous!

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