School Proposal


 The MRA is totally committed to the people, and particularly the children, of the northern Mottingham wards of Mottingham & Chislehurst North and Coldharbour & New Eltham. We have looked at some alarming facts relating to the provision and future of education for our children.

  1. 366 children were born in the two wards in 2014. They will be starting school in 2019.
  2. Assuming 30 children in reception, the available number of primary school places in Mottingham is currently 150. This is fewer than half of those needed, although some additional spaces may be available at St. Vincent’s Roman Catholic school and at Montbelle School, subject to faith and catchment issues.
  3. Very many of our primary school children are already attending schools outside their ward (Mottingham & Chislehurst North Ward: 36-51% Coldharbour & New Eltham Ward: 52-71 %)
  4. Increasing the number of available places will not jeopardise existing places.
  5. There is a need for more Primary (infant and junior) School places for our local residents. New, high quality primary places are needed to meet the basic needs of the local population in the area of North Mottingham.
  6. Since September 1st, Dorset Road School is no longer under the control of Bromley Council. The school has become an academy within the Spring Partnership Trust.
  7. Mottingham Junior School and Red Hill Primary School are not managed by the same trust as Dorset Road School. Dorset Road parents have been informed that these schools will not accept junior age children from Dorset Road after September 2016.
  8. Places are being offered at Castlecombe Junior department (1.3 miles from Dorset Road)
  9. New Academy schools with fewer than 2 forms of entry are not considered viable by the Department for Education and will not be funded.

MRA Proposal Information

  1. The MRA has very carefully drawn up a Prospectus for discussion, which proposes a new Free School. Trusts are being approached to assess feasibility. Any decision regarding the building of a new school rests with the Secretary of State with advice from the Regional Schools’ Commissioner. All new schools are funded by the Government.
  2.  A possible site has been identified on a corner of Foxes Field. It would utilise some 20% of the total field area without threat to existing facilities. However, finding a suitable location is entirely the responsibility of the adopting Trust and the Department for Education.
  3.  Opening a new school is a long process; it takes years but if we do not start looking at the options now our children will suffer the consequences. A public consultation will take place when there are firm proposals. In the meantime, if you wish to be kept informed of developments, please email your name and address to Liz Keable, at

This document, is being circulated to all homes in the MRA area and is also posted on the Mottingham Village News notice board outside the Methodist Church. Updates will be posted on the same notice board.