Parking – Mottingham Parade – Mottingham Road

Parking & Planters

Bromley Council has finalised a revised pavement parking scheme outside the shops in Mottingham Road.  The scheme involves capacity for 8 cars with redesigned bays no longer overlapping the carriageway.  Permanent planters are incorporated in the design which can be viewed via the MRA website.  Construction is expected to start after the Christmas break.  Cashless parking charges are to be introduced.

Planters are being installed by both Bromley and Greenwich councils.  We will be directly involved and will be seeking volunteers to assist with ongoing planting and maintenance jobs.

Plans can be seen HERE

Latest information on proposed timescales for the project are :

29/10/2022                       Completed Detail Design

04/11/2022                        Road Safety Audit

15/11/2022                         Detail Design w. RSA comments

24/10-24/11/2022            Informal consultation and report for delegated powers

12-16/12/2022                   Approval from Delegated powers

12-16/12/2022                   Detail Design package ready for Highways

February 2023                   Start Project.