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We have some really great news .  London City has been asked to review its concentrated flight paths.  The consultation will start later this year. We haven’t got an exact date yet but the airport has confirmed that it will consult under the new CAA process which requires much more detailed consultation than happened last time.   The airport confirmed the news at its Consultative Committee earlier this week.

The airport was taken aback by the number of complaints the concentrated flight paths generated but I think the main reason for the decision to consult on fresh proposals has been pressure from NATS.  All airports in London and the SE are being required to rejig their flight paths as the industry moves from a ground-based to a satellite-based system to guide the planes in and out of the airports.  NATS is coordinating this.  It became clear I think that the other airports could not plan around London City’s fixed flight paths so City have been asked to look again at its flight paths as part of the wider changes.

I’ll get back to you with more news and suggested dates for a meeting in the near future. 

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