COVID-19 vaccine for 12-17 yr olds and Boosters for over 50s


SELCCG requested we forward its latest updates on the Bromley vaccination programme.

COVID-19 booster vaccine – a booster dose helps improve protection people have from their first 2 vaccine doses, giving longer term protection against becoming seriously ill from COVID-19. Booster vaccinations will be available for people over 50 and those most at risk from COVID-19 who have already had 2 doses of a vaccine. People eligible for a booster will be offered this 6 months after their second dose. More about the booster vaccine here.

12-15 year-olds vaccination – in line with JVCI guidance, children aged 12-15 will be offered one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Parents and guardians will receive a letter with information about when the vaccination will be offered. Most children will have their vaccination at school although children who miss their school vaccination date will be able to attend a Vaccination site for their jab. Updated resources on vaccinating children and young people and other guidance on the vaccination programme can be found here.

16-17 year-olds vaccination – 16-17 year old residents can now book an appointment using the National Booking Service or use available walk-in clinics. The Bromley Civic Centre is open everyday from 8.30-5pm.

The following 3 links contain more information on the vaccine and available clinics:

Vaccination programme in Bromley Vaccination clinics Vaccination 12-15 years-olds

SELCCG works with partners and communities in Bromley to reach all residents. If you are interested, you may watch this short video celebrating the collaborative effort on delivering vaccinations in Bromley earlier this year.

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