Bromley Town Centre Development – – Have you heard ?

You may have seen the Report in the NewsShopper.

We sought further information regarding planning and expenditure and received this response from local Councillor David Cartwright :

This is the final part of the improvement plan for the High Street begun several years ago. It included moving the market and re-paving as well as lighting and many other things. The sculptures are a bit funky, certainly, but will I am sure attract a lot of interest which of course is the idea. We want to make the centre of Bromley an interesting and attractive place to visit.

There is always an argument for not spending money on non-essential items and the working group developing the improvement plan had a lot of this when they started work on stage 1, the re-paving etc. But the group felt that trying to keep Bromley town centre thriving is a very important part of what we should do as a Council. We could for example not have any hanging baskets or not have the mayoralty, but these things are proven to lift the spirits and are important in not only maintaining local pride, but also in supporting local business.

I understand your views do not necessarily represent all public opinion. The officers tell me there have been many positive comments. The proposals were run past the Civic Society as well as the ward councillors and they all approved. Although no final decisions have yet been made, the Executive have approved the budget and, should the final decision be to go ahead, the work would include a covered performance area which gives many opportunities for entertainment.

Many feel that attracting people to the town centre is the most relevant thing we can do for our businesses in the town centre.

I am sure we will all have a view and, for me personally, it will be important to see the cost/benefit analysis, so that an informed decision can be democratically made.

I hope this is helpful.