Aircraft Noise – Volunteer Distributors required

Dear Friends,

The opposition to London City Airport’s expansion plans is growing by the day.  As you know, we are distributing thousands of postcards to residents across the affected parts of London informing them of the airport’s plans and inviting them, if they object to the plans, to send them to London City using a Freepost address:

Thousands of postcards have already been distributed but we are short of people to distribute them in parts of South East London.  It is very important South East London’s voice is heard loud and clear in this consultation.

Thank you very much if you have already agreed to deliver the postcards but we are looking for more people to help in the following areas:

Catford, Forest Hill, Dulwich, Herne Hill, Stockwell, Vauxhall, Oval. 

If you are able to help, please drop me an email with your postal address and we can send postcards to you.

Let me know how many postcards you would like and roughly the area you will be covering.  Best of course to concentrate on the roads underneath City’s concentrated flight paths. 

People are requesting anything from 250 to 7,000!  It you are involved with a residents or tenants association or with an amenity group, you might be able to persuade them to help you distribute the postcards.

With my thanks (and apologies for any cross-posting).

John Stewart – Chair HACAN East