Aircraft Noise – PlaneHellAction update

From : Bridget Bell for PLANE HELL ACTION

Further to my email of 17 June 2018 regarding the vote on Heathrow expansion I am writing again, with the encouragement of local members Rita and Martin Morris, asking if you would be prepared to support Plane Hell Action in widening the knowledge of a local group campaigning for a fairer, saner policy regarding flight paths and flight schedules as our website will explain in more detail:

In September Forest Hill supporter Tim Walker published his report on double overflight entitled No Respite from Aircraft Noise and highlighting the effect on our communities overflown by flights to both Heathrow and London City Airports.

We are encouraging people to pin posters or post flyers through doors and hope that you would be amenable to alerting your membership to the opportunity of becoming involved if they are affected by aircraft noise.

With all good wishes